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 +Being a step parent has unique challenges which are 
 +not within other family situations. To create a happy blended family, you must 
 +balance respect and love with discipline and understanding. In this article, you'll 
 +learn what it takes to create a happy home environment on your blended 
 +When one particular woman with children marries an individual man with children, this union 
 +should be observed as more compared to the union of husband and wife--it will be the joining of 
 +two different cultures. Each loved ones are a tribe unto itself if this union is usually to work, 
 +each step parent must respect one other family's dynamics. Family dynamics are 
 +often as different as day and night. This is why you must come to grips while using 
 +idea which you have two different tribes moving into your house.
 +So so how exactly does this work in a blended family? Before I answer that, take this first little 
 +step parenting advice and appreciate the strength of the birth family. Recognize that 
 +your spouse may perhaps be always going to be closer to his children than to yours. 
 +Know when you constantly criticize your better half's children, you happen to be creating the 
 +beginning of the end. Blood loyalties are often stronger than marital ties. Although 
 +this may change over time--and some day, you could feel as close for your step children 
 +as your own--the process takes time and experience and just occurs when a 
 +supportive, loving environment has been created first.
 +The next piece of step parenting advice is always to respect your partner's family dynamics. 
 +For instance, you could possibly have a rigid children-do-not-talk-back rule in your family, 
 +while your better half may be ready to listen to what his children have to say and even 
 +negotiate with them. If you attempt to impose your rules on your step children, especially 
 +when they're rules they did not grow up with, they'll rebel. When this happens, 
 +they may use their father's passion for them to drive a wedge between you. It happens 
 +subtly in the beginning and you might not notice what's happening, until it would be to late. 
 +Although you happen to be the adult along with more power, never underestimate the 
 +power of your child. Where possible, try and compromise parenting styles, as long as you 
 +both accept to help each other act because of this compromise.
 +If an issue escalates, allow your husband or wife to discipline his or her own children, as you 
 +attend to yours. When he is disciplining his children, try to keep from joining in or 
 +agreeing through words or body language. Be a silent bystander, therefore the child won't 
 +feel that two adults are ganging on him.
 +The next piece of step parenting advice might appear odd to you--expect your step 
 +children to hate you. When I say "expect," I don't mean that you should turn 
 +expectations into reality, but that you need to understand that children of divorce 
 +usually want nothing more than their birth parents to get back together. Regardless 
 +of the method that you met your partner, on some level, your step children may despise you and also 
 +blame you for her parents being apart. This is normal child behavior and has to do 
 +using the child's limited perspective and idea of adult 
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